The Human Condition

We’re living in a world which basically presents 2 choices:

1. Aim to succeed in life through sheer willpower, and using outside support and resources as best we can – the “white knuckle” approach, or

2. Invest a little time and energy to dig deep within ourselves, take stock of the ingrained patterns which hold us back, dissolve those patterns and evolve our consciousness — get ourselves to levels where we can succeed much more with far less struggle.

Many people succeed with Option 1. At least for a while. But sooner or later, the emotional/psychological turbulence they’ve (unknowingly) been accumulating, and burying within, tends to catch up with them, and break out in painful and unexpected ways.

Some people do get to a ripe old age with excellent health, after a career of brilliant success. But if we’re to be honest, these people are in the minority. The real truth is that most of us end up snuggling into the security blanket of grey mediocrity, and/or suffering grievous dysfunctionality in one or more areas of our lives, such as health, money, relationships, career or other core areas.

Meanwhile, our dreams fade off, neglected, into the haze of distant memory.

For most of us, it actually makes better sense to spend some time refurbishing the vehicle of our life’s journey — our selves. This is a process of discovering — and processing out and releasing — all this “stuff” that, over the years, we’ve been burying down inside, as society has instructed us to do. It’s become such a habit that we don’t even know we’re doing it.

As we take the time to dig out the mental/mental turbulence and clutter from the past, we find ourselves reclaiming and reintegrating more and more lost pieces of our humanity, and gaining greater power and clarity in the present.

It’s easy to put this off till next week, next month, next year, objecting that we “don’t have time”. There is an expression for this: “too busy cutting trees to fix the chainsaw.” But, for those of us who are willing to invest in ourselves, we find our efforts richly rewarded. We enjoy feelings of growing clarity, capability, insight, personal power — and greater immunity to the negative effects of others’ behaviours. And we get a lot more success in life!

Another plus — you’re not swallowing an elephant here. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can work through a bite-sized piece at a time, and enjoy the benefits of this, before moving on to the next. You can take this work at your own pace.

We welcome people from all backgrounds of profession, culture, spirituality and personal development, and respect the work you have done so far. We boldly claim — and look forward to proving — that what we offer will enrich everything you’ve ever done before, and set you many steps further ahead.

Our system is there for people who are truly ready for their next levels, who have had enough of society’s limitations, who are ready to be who they really can be. To truly shine as a star among stars!

Are you ready?