Empowerment Options

We have a wide range of learning and coaching options to suit your needs and interests, both face-to-face and online. We suggest you get in touch with us, so we can help you choose the most suitable starting point.

Face to Face

Online Options

Subscription Options

Private Coaching Sessions

  • Individual private sessions of 2-3 hours, by appointment, in Hamilton

Small-Group Workshops

  • 4-6 hour workshops, with typically 3-20 people, here in Hamilton, or at a venue within reasonable travelling distance; we accept invitations from other groups eg meditation circles, to come and present

2-Day Seminars

  • Full-weekend workshops, typically focused on a theme such as prosperity, relationships, career, health

5-Day Intensives

  • Small groups of 4-10 people, running from Monday through Friday

12-Month Training Course

  • This is by far our top-shelf offering. Come for a full weekend every 4 weeks and expect your life to transform radically during the 12 months, and even more so in the years that follow

Zoom Private Sessions

  • Private coaching sessions via Zoom. By appointment

Zoom Group Sessions

  • Group events via Zoom. Calendar will be published soon.

Instant Messaging

  • This option allows semi-interactive communication through a messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger. Fast replies with small amounts of text.


  • This option allows for exchanges of longer messages, with replies not as rapid as instant messaging.


  • This allows you to receive coaching/mentoring on a monthly subscription basis, rather than a-la-carte fees for each service.