Online Sessions and Workshops

Until now, we’ve only worked face-to-face. However, the COVID-19 pandemic keeps dragging out, and we’ve had more and more people asking us about online sessions.

After a few trials, we have had amazing results with online sessions, even comparable to the power of face to face consults.

To enquire about online private or group sessions, please reach out to us.

Online delivery takes away the burden of travel, and makes us accessible to people all throughout New Zealand, and overseas. Our clients who travel up to 4 hours each way to see us, have been especially grateful.

For our flagship offering, the 9-month face to face practitioner training, online delivery is just not possible. This will have to wait until restrictions ease.

But for private consults and small group work, online sessions are now open.

What Do I Need?

For best results with online sessions, you should ideally have:

    1. A reasonably late-model laptop computer
    2. A good broadband internet connection
    3. Also, if possible:
      1. A long network cable to connect your laptop directly into your modem or router. (PB Tech sells excellent cables at low cost). This will greatly improve the audio/video on both ends
      2. A good external amplified speaker, wired or bluetooth, because we often like to stream carefully-chosen music during sessions

If you don’t have a laptop, we can try with a phone or tablet. You will have to devise a way of mounting it so the camera can see your body side-on, from your head to your waist.

Before your session, we can do a very quick test of your set-up to help make sure it will all work well on the day, without complications.

If you would like to book an online session, or want to know more, please contact us