Practitioner Training


Next intake closing soon – course starting October 7 – click here for details

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Our 12-month Human Evolution Specialist Training courses are our flagship offering. For those who are ready, these courses are an ideal platform for breaking through limitations, and achieving massive, lasting life change.

But this is not for everyone.

    • You need to be willing to examine every part of your life, and push through those parts of you which resist change
    • You need to be bold enough to love yourself more than you’ve ever done before, and demand much more of life
    • You need to expand your awareness so you can recognise and defy the artificial limitations you have been conditioned into
    • You need to still the inner chatter, so you can listen to your deepest inner being

This sounds like a lot, but you need not feel intimidated. Your growth will frequently take you right to the edge of your capabilities, but you’ll always have our skilled, loving, intuitive support.

You only need to be willing to make a modest investment of time, effort and resource. If you go through with this, you can expect to graduate with a whole new outlook, and enduring sense of power and clarity.

We just need your honest open presence, for one full weekend every 4 weeks (except for Weekend 12, which is just 3 weeks after Weekend 11).

We never ask people to take anything on faith. Critical thinking is the currency we deal in.

We do provide highly impactful experiences and alternative perspectives. You will find yourself processing and integrating these experiences between each weekend, and in the years following. From this, you will find yourself empowered with new effective tools, powers and insights, to update, enrich and transform your own reality.

And on top of this, you will have a qualification to help others, and our support to build up your own Human Evolution practice.

Please feel welcome to:

Course Schedule

We are currently gathering enrolments for our next offering. Once this course fills, we will work with everyone enrolled to negotiate a timetable that suits.

Once the course is under way, it will run every fourth weekend, from 9am to (approximately) 6:30pm each Saturday and Sunday, over a total of 24 days (approx 200 hours in all).

All weekends are in Hamilton, apart from one weekend where much of the Saturday session will take place at Raglan.

If you feel ready to make some real and lasting change in your life, please click Enrol Now to submit your application.

Course Fees and Payments

This course is an investment in the rest of your life, and can be yours with our affordable time payment plans.

Total fees are $9000 which is not far off the total costs of a typical year of university education. But you will never find training like this at any university! The training fee covers all tuition sessions, refreshments, materials and support. A pro-rated discount of up to $500is offered for payments made before the start of the course. We also provide intensive coaching and support, during and after the training, to help all participants to more than recoup their investment.

If you have any questions about the course, please reach out to us now.

Otherwise, if you feel ready for this profound step, please head on over to our enrolment page to complete your application. Once your application has been approved, we will be in touch to discuss deposit and payment arrangements.

Click here to download an electronic copy of our course booklet,
or click here to contact us and ask us to mail you a printed version.