From some of our past Human Evolution Specialist Training course students:

“Hello my dear Mum! I just had Barbara doing a session on me 2 hours ago and it was a very emotional session for me, it came a very deep sense of gratitude to you for have always been there for me in the dark and the light! You are a big part of this love story I’m living now with my Barbara! Thank you for all that you are to me! Love you!”
Sandro Mota, Costa Rica (founder/CEO of the Mota Method personal transformation system.)

“David and Pauline are catalysts for change and are sincere truth seekers. They are authentic heart centered practitioners.
If you are led to work with them consider yourself to be in the right place at the right time. You may well experience a homecoming. Heartfelt gratitude to you both.”

Girvan Roberts, Thames

“What an amazing weekend and graduation! Thank you so much Pauline and David…I am eternally grateful for all your hard work and commitment…your skills are outstanding and the course was mind blowing!!! You are all family to me and I can’t put in to words my gratitude to each of you, other than to say I love you with all my heart and soul!
Thank you!”

Alastair Russell, Auckland

“I do not exaggerate when I credit you, Pauline and David, and [the process of] rebirthing, with saving my life, honestly I do not know where i’d be now without you both sharing your love and wisdom with me. I will be forever grateful xoxo”
Amy Zander, Auckland

“I first experienced rebirthing [breathwork] in the late 1980s and thought I knew what it was about. That was until I went to Pauline McNab for a series of sessions and then subsequently joined Pauline and David’s course. They’re the real deal. If you’re drawn to rebirthing you won’t find better.”
Dr Gavin Kenny, Thames

We just had a [breathwork session]… and almost burst my heart with joy, overwhelming gratitude to you both…
Girvan Roberts, Thames

“It’s nothing new about my passion for human performance and wellness! But the BREATH has become a true passion as the main tool to enhance my ability to improve my overall health, become a more conscious human, heal very deep wounds which before I couldn’t even know they were there, and I have had the honour to help almost 3,000 people to achieve some healing! Today it marks a very special day to me in my breathwork practice, we have finished 11 months of what I can say without any doubt in my heart, the most profound and tough course I have ever taken in my entire life, 11 months of deep healing, breakthroughs, tears, laughs, I would say this course broke me into pieces and rebuilt me again free! Being prior to that a certified Wim Hof instructor and Advanved Buteyko instructor, I can say without any doubt those were just a warm- up & preparation for my 11 months master Rebirthing and Metaphysical Breathworker course, which I can compare to the NAVY SEALS of breathing course for spiritual healing. Thank you my second mum Pauline Avis McNab and David McNab for this life changing course!!! And all my gorgeous colleagues whom spent those 11 months with me as brothers and sisters!!!
… [this is] without a doubt the most powerful and fulfilling experience I had in my life. Being a breathing coach instructor in other modalities, I have to say this course was much more powerful than any other breathing instructor modalities I have ever engaged. Thank you Pauline and David McNab!”

Sandro Mota, Life Enhancement Coach, Cambridge

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