What We Offer

What We Offer You

We offer high-powered training, support and education to help you break through personal limitations and inhibitions, and embrace a freer, more empowered state of Being.

For most people, we deliver this training through:

On occasion, we can also offer 2-day weekend seminars and evening workshops


For The Defiant Minority

Most people are not interested in any real depth of personal growth and spiritual transformation. The message we get from society is to just “white-knuckle” it and “ride over the top” of what is really going on at the depths of our beings,.

We are told to be satisfied with what we’re able to get from our own direct efforts, and to not ask any deeper questions.

But there are those who are not willing to conform to these norms of mediocrity. There is a tiny minority of people  who believe there is more to life, and that they deserve to unleash their greater capabilities and rise above the masses.

Human Evolution Specialists is not for the majority. Most people will just click away from this website and into the next distraction. That suits us fine, because working with those who are not ready, people who resist evolution,  just becomes a stressful and draining exercise all round.

But there are those who are bold enough to demand more of life, who believe they deserve real change. If you’re one of those people, and you feel ready for a new reality, we’re here for you in heart, mind and spirit to support you in every way!

Please don’t expect any cosmic “woo-woo” new age feel good stuff. We work with very grounded methods, and you will feel their effect at every level.

Private Sessions

The Private Session can be booked by appointment, and typically runs for 2-3 hours in a completely private, closely supported process. This typically involves:

      • Discussion (up to an hour), to understand your history, what you want to achieve, and (if this is not your first session) what has been happening since prior sessions
      • Therapeutic processing (about an hour) — we use a simple but intense mix of transformational breathwork and primal therapy, a format which we have perfected over decades of practice with thousands of people

    • Debriefing (around half an hour) — discussing the experience of the session, prescribing exercises and tasks to do before next session, helping to “integrate” and consolidate the shifts the session has made

Small Group Workshops

While not offering the privacy of the private session, these can actually be more powerful, and for many people, can be a better fit. These are usually held in weekday evenings, can have 3-6 participants typically, and run slightly longer than a private session.

However, most people prefer the private session or the 12-month advanced practitioner training course. If you are interested in a workshop, and can bring 3-6 people, please contact us to arrange a time.

Weekend Seminars (2-day)

These are very intense transformation events. Typically these have 8-15 participants, although we have been known to have up to 40. These are usually arranged around a specific theme, such as relationships, or weight, or money, or career, or health.

This format is so strong that many participants usually opt for a period of after-care, choosing to book in for private sessions, or group workshops, or a mix of both, to build on what they got from the weekend.

Advanced 12-month Human Evolution Specialist Training Course.

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This is our flagship offering. Think of it as our “heavy earthmoving” format,  designed to bring about huge lifelong shifts and fundamental healing and transformation.

These courses run as one full weekend every 4 weeks, to a total of 12 weekends over a full year. This format suits people who are working, raising kids, studying and travelling, so for the rest of the time, you’re processing the results of each last weekend, and getting on with life.

We should say that each weekend is so powerful that it takes weeks to process and integrate it into your life and being.

This is top-shelf personal transformation that you need to feel ready for. While thousands of people have come for private and small group sessions, just a few dozen in Australia and New Zealand have completed these elite courses.

But once you’re through the course and out the other side, you’ll look back on where you were before starting, and be blown away at how asleep you were, and how little actual free will you had.

You will also be awarded a practitioner qualification, and the backing of the professional body Rebirthing-Breathwork International to establish your own practice — something which 10-20% of graduates opt for. It starts with your decision to enrol.

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