2023 Training Intake

After many complications and delays, we finally have a full group for the 2023 intake of our revolutionary Human Evolution Specialist Training Course.

If you haven’t yet completed your enrolment, please click here and fill out the form

Training Weekend Dates

Here are the dates. Please note that the spacing between the weekends varies, to suit the availability of the trainers and early-enrolled students.

  • Weekend 1: 7-8 October, 2023
  • Weekend 2: 18-19 November, 2023
  • Weekend 3: 16-17 December, 2023
  • Weekend 4: 13-14 January, 2024
  • Weekend 5: 3-4 February, 2024
  • Weekend 6: 9-10 March, 2024
  • Weekend 7: 13-14 April 2024
  • Weekend 8: 4-5 May, 2024
  • Weekend 9: 1-2 June, 2024
  • Weekend 10: 27-28 July, 2024
  • Weekend 11: 24-25 August
  • Weekend 12: 7-8 September (graduation)


All training weekends take place at Pauline and David’s residence at:

  • 34a Norrie Street, Bader, Hamiton

Times of Attendance

All training days commence 9am sharp. Punctuality is of the utmost importance — lateness shows disrespect to fellow students, and trainers.

Finishing times vary between 6pm and 7pm (Saturday), and 5:30-6:00 Sundays. For those taking flights or buses, please let us know your Hamilton arrival and departure times.

Meals and Breaks


  • 1 hour break, starting typically between 11:30 and 1pm
    • Exact times vary due to needs of students and processes happening on the day.

Afternoon Tea

  • 30 minutes, typically from 3:30, but this can also vary


  • Meals are by own arrangement
  • Tea (regular and variety of herbals), and coffee (regular and decaf) available, plus milks (dairy and soy)
  • Students are welcome to use microwave oven, for heating pre-prepared foods. You’re also welcome to use crockery, cutlery, cups and glassware


  • For students travelling in from out of town, accommodation is at your own arrangement.
  • We do encourage students to share accommodation where possible (eg group AirBnB bookings).
  • Some students in/around Hamilton may also make overnight stays available, but this is totally at hosts’ discretion. Please always have backup plans in case this isn’t possible.

Dress Code

  • Please dress for comfort and ease of movement. If you do wear any tight clothing, please also bring looser clothes that you can change into if desired, especially for the evening breathwork sessions, and other activities where there’s a lot of physical movement.
  • Your sense of temperature can change radically through each day, so always have cooler and warmer clothes at hand. Small blankets or throw rugs can be a comfort as well.

Questions or Concerns?

Please ring or email us:


We look forward to having you with us from October 7