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We are proud to announce our next Human Evolution Specialist Training course.

These courses are mind-blowing. Expect your life, your perceptions, your insights to change dramatically over the 9 months of the course, and in the years following.

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Otherwise, feel free to take in the information below, and reach out to us with any questions. When you feel ready to take the step, head on over to our enrolment page to fill in your application.

From the brochure:

We are “human evolution specialists”. If you join our practitioner training, your life and your human journey will change completely.

We are a powerful husband and wife team, with decades of experience. We will teach you how to bring yourself, and your body, alive, and you will put your blockages that you are walking with inside you, to death. Our promise to all our students is that the person you become, over the 9 months of this course, will barely be recognisable from the student who initially signed up for this course.

Your changes will happen miraculously.

This course will open your eyes, and your heart, to a new world that you (before the course) did not even know existed. You will become your own hero, and you will inspire everyone that you meet. This course is one of a kind, and the only one at this level in New Zealand. It is presented to you as an opportunity and an investment, in your present and future.

Not only do you need this course, but we see it as a duty to ensure the speeding-up of your personal evolution. After all, we are born to evolve.

All our courses are small and intimate, limited to just 6-8 students, to ensure that David and Pauline do not allow anyone to “fall through the cracks”. You are very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to train with us. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and a journey deep into yourself, that you will never forget. Our past students are all saying that it was the best experience that they have ever had, and something you will always treasure.

Between David and Pauline, they bring 68 years of personal evolution experience to their courses. So you can feel assured that they both know all about the human condition at depth. They have now surpassed all their past teachers, and they are extremely proud of who they are, and their unique teaching style.

Together, David and Pauline make a powerful force, that you will feel right from day one. You will heal yourself, and learn to heal others. Some people do our courses to qualify as professional practitioners themselves, while most use it just for their own benefit, to evolve, and speed up the advancement of their human spiritual and conscious growth.

Come and learn healing from the only two human evolution specialists that we know of within New Zealand. Some people doing our courses have come close to how advanced we are. We have dedicated our own lives to delivering life-changing on-on-one private sessions, and especially, our own powerful dynamic training courses.

Join early for a generous discount. This course is the most profound investment in yourself, your life and your present and future that you will ever make. You will eliminate layer after layer of pain and limitation from the past, and raise your conscious wisdom.

Come and allow us to initiate you into the powerful and amazing person who you really are. No longer needing to pretend on the surface that everything is ok, while walking around with so much pain inside, that is playing havoc with the full creation of your life.

We are completely honest in saying that this course is quite a large challenge, and some people may lack the courage and determination to complete the full nine months and become a certified professional practitioner.

But if you feel you are ready to make this commitment, please enrol, because you are the kind of people we most desire to have on this course.

It is quite a tough and full-on course, but at the same time, the bonds that build between students can become stronger than the bonds within your genetic family. In fact, many students find in these courses the real family they’ve always been looking for.

Divine energy always enters this course.

For testimonials from some of our past students, click here

Course Schedule

Starting on the weekend of 20-21 July, 2019, the course will run mostly every fifth weekend*, from 9am to 6pm each Saturday and 9am to 5pm(ish) each Sunday, over a total of 18 days (approx 150 hours in all).
All weekends except weekend 6 on 20-21 March, 2021, are in Hamilton.

  1. 26 to 27 September, 2020
  2. November 7 to 8, 2020
  3. 5 to 6 December, 2020
  4. 9 to 10 January, 2021
  5. 13 to 14 February, 2021
  6. 20 to 21 March, 2021
  7. 24 to 25 April, 2021
  8. 29 to 30 May, 2021
  9. 3 to 4 July, 2021

Course Fees and Payments

This course is an investment in the rest of your life, and can be yours with our easy time payment plans for as little as $50 per week, or even less in cases of special hardship.

Total fees are $6500, which is less than those of one typical year of university education. This covers all tuition sessions, refreshments, materials and support. A discount of $500 is offered for payments made before the start of the course. Partial payments made before the start date receive a pro-rated discount.

If you have any questions about the course, please reach out to us now.

Otherwise, if you feel ready for this profound step, please head on over to our enrolment page to complete your application. Once your application has been approved, we will be in touch to discuss deposit and payment arrangements.